Natural Wellbeing and Healing For Animals

Welcome to The Heart of Animal Healing.
I am passionate about animals and their health and wellbeing.
I believe that keeping our animal’s immune system strong will help keep them
healthy. I would love to help you keep your animal healthy or help you to restore them to their optimum health. 

I offer unique packages of animal communication, self-selection, flower essences and healing. Please see the therapy pages for more information. All these therapies are tailor made for your animal.

Animal and Equine Reiki

Reiki, meaning Universal Life Force Energy, is one of the most ancient healing methods passed down through the centuries by Reiki Masters.

Self Selection for Animals

Animals in the wild have the ability to self -treat with natural plants and herbs for which they forage in order to keep themselves healthy.

Flower Essences

Flower essences are vibrational plant medicines that have been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures the world over.

My Story. Our Journey

Silver Linings

All my life I had strange illnesses and problems with my health until finally in my mid 20’s my body said ‘enough’. I crashed completely unable to function, walk, and talk properly. I would sleep all day and be awake all night. My whole body was in pain.

Finally, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune problem. Conventional medicine would only relieve the symptoms. I knew I had to do more. I read what I could about healing (no Google then)! I finally found a naturopathic doctor who lived near me. 

Getting Started is Easy


Free 10 Min Chat

If you are unsure whether this is the right treatment for your animal, I am happy to speak to you first. 

Book Appointment

Once you are happy to proceed, simply contact me and I will make your first appointment with you directly, at a time that suits you. 

1st Session!

Come along and join me for the first session. I am certain you will be delighted and we can then decide on the path ahead.