About Me


Hello! I’m Dawn

I have always loved animals, for as long as I can remember, but my life changed regarding animals at about the age of 10 when our dog saved my life. This gave me a sense of just how animals have a complete unconditional love for us.

We moved around quite a lot when I was younger from London to Essex and finally Sussex in 1976. This opened up a new doorway. I was suddenly surrounded by nature and animals.  This was to me, exceptional. I spent all my free time out in the woods and fields, I felt connected, it felt like home.

I drifted through a couple of jobs after I finished school trying to find my niche in the world. finally, nursing became my passion and helping people.

All my life I had strange illnesses and problems with my health until finally in my mid 20’s my body said ‘enough’.

I crashed completely unable to function, walk and talk
properly, I would sleep all day and be awake all night. My whole body was in pain.

Finally, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune problem. Conventional medicine would only relieve the symptoms. I knew I had to do more. I read what I could about healing (no Google then)! I finally found a naturopathic doctor who lived near me.

He started me on a regime of minerals and herbs and a change of diet. Within a year I was back on my feet and at work. I still manage the condition naturally.

This opened my eyes to a whole new world. I took a Reiki workshop and loved it so much that within a year I had completed Reiki I & II. As we know one thing leads to another and before long I was studying Crystal Healing and Flower Essences. The energies of both are so different, but so healing.

My love of animals never waned through all of this and when I was so poorly, my dogs were my solace. They helped me just by being there with me. Over the years I have had many rescued animals, all seemed to find their way to me. I have loved each and everyone and they all taught me so much.

My passion for dogs has always been at the foremost. I did a dog behaviour and dog training instructors course and took dog training classes for a while, but I found that this didn’t really address the issues with some dogs, their behaviour was at a deeper level, so the natural progression was to help animals with healing. They respond so well to Reiki and Flower Essences.

I was reading a book called Wild Health by Cindy Engel. This is an amazing book all
about how wild animals choose herbs etc in the wild to heal and keep themselves
well. I read more on the subject and took a practitioners course in animals self-selection
(Zoopharmacognosy). This was the most amazing thing to watch, how animals seek out and know exactly what herbs, clays and oils they need to heal themselves.

Always loving anything Angels, I took an Angelic Healing course and this lead me to
Oracle Cards, I love Oracle Cards and how they can gently support and encourage
you in what your soul desires.

Well me and my love of animals married the two together and found that doing an
Oracle Card reading for the animals’ guardian, can help them to connect with their
animal and to communicate what the animal would like them to know.