Animal Communication

Connect with your animal 


Animal communication is when I connect with your animal. They will send me information about how they are feeling and what is going on in their lives and quite often what is going on in your life! They love to help us and quite often take on our stresses and anxieties, this can manifest as illness within their bodies.

They will communicate only what they want us to know, what is important to them. So even though we may have specific questions, they may not always answer them!

I like to offer animal communication as part of my healing packages as this can sometimes help discover the root of the problem.

I also offer animal communication on its own. This can be carried out either via Skype or e-mail.

Package 1
Animal communication 

£150 including oils

Package 2
Self selection
Animal communication

£115 including oils

Package 3
Flower essences
Animal communication

Healing £100 including essences


Package 4

Flower essences
Animal communication

£65 including essences

Package 5
Animal communication




All these services can be purchased separately

Self selection £75 + £10 – £35 for oils

Healing £40

Flower essences £45 including essences

Animal Communication £30