Flower Essences

What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are vibrational plant medicines that have been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures the world over. They are created through the use of plants, water and sunlight. Each plant used to make an essence has its own unique healing signature or energy that becomes infused or imprinted in pure water via sunlight.

How do they work?

Flower essences work at an energetic or vibrational level to gently yet powerfully bring about beneficial changes at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. They are powerful yet gentle at healing. Essences nourish and enhance healing. Supporting the emotional balance that underlies true health, flower essences work on the vibrational level. Flower essences are useful in restoring harmony and vitality in systems thrown out of order by disease conditions, life changes, emotional events, stress, accidents, or surgeries. They nourish and energize the body’s innate capacity to heal by facilitating ease and re-establishing balance.

Animals are particularly responsive to the many forms of subtle energy that surround them, so flower essences, with their gentle vibrations, are extraordinarily effective with animals. 

Flower essences are safe and non-toxic, free of side effects. Because they work on an energetic level rather than a chemical level in the body, flower essences have the capacity to facilitate shifts quickly. They are usually most effective when given in frequent small doses that reinforce the vibrational shifts and cellular communication that they offer.

What is the process?

I will send a form to take a detailed history and the problem of your animal. I will then make you a flower essence remedy unique to your pet. I will give you detailed information about what dosage to give your animal. This can be done locally or anywhere in the country as they can be sent to you in the post.

Please note you will need to inform your vet.


Consultation with remedies – £45
Follow ups – £35