Self Selection for Animals

What is Self Selection? 

Zoopharmacognosy (Animal Aromatics)

Animals in the wild have the ability to self treat with natural plants and herbs and can forage for what they need to keep themselves healthy. Domesticated animals cannot do this to keep their bodies healthy and by the time we have noticed they are not well, the illness has manifested in the body. Essential oils and herbs give them the opportunity to choose what they would normally be able to ingest in the wild.

Using self selection empowers your animal to their own healing by self selecting which oils and herbs, where and how long they want to use them and by taking them orally, by inhalation or topically.

“Zoopharmacognosy is a greek word and means Zoo (animal) pharmaco (remedy) gnosy (knowing)”

What is the process?

I will visit you in at your home/yard, so the animal is in its natural environment. I will send a form prior to my visit to take a detailed history of your animal. I will also look at diet and nutrition. I will then show you how to offer the herbs, oils and clays to your animal. The most fascinating part of this is watching your animal choose in which way to use them. This also strengthens the bond between you and your animal.

I am passionate about animals and will work with you and your animal to find a natural solution to improve health and behaviour.

What can it treat?

Phobias and Fears

Past Trauma


Training Problems

Hormonal Problems


Immune Problems


Sweet Itch


Lack of Confidence


Digestive Problems


Respiratory Problems


The sessions can last between 1½ and 2 hours.

Please note you will need to inform your vet.

Consultation £75 – Oils, herbs and clays from £10 – £35 depending on what is selected.

Follow-ups if required £55 – Oils, herbs and clays from £10 – £35 depending on what is selected.

Distance Treatment
If you live a distance from me and would still like me to help you and your animal. I am able to offer my service at a distance, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire and send me a photo. I will gather as much information as possible and put a kit of herbs and oils together, which I will send to you. I will then skype you and guide you through how to use them. 
(Whilst this is not the most ideal way to use self-selection, it will help your animal with some of their issues).

Skype consultation £75
Herbs, oils and clays £10 – £35 depending on what is chosen.