What They Say

Testimonials from my clients

TM, Tunbridge Wells

Thank you Dawn, for your time and knowledge in assessing my dog, Ozzie and providing the perfect oils as a remedy to cure his fear of going out into the garden at night! 

Something must have frightened him one evening and I ended up having to put him on a lead every night and make him go out.  He was very anxious and I really didn’t know why or how to help him.  After your assessment and he had ‘chosen’ the oils it was interesting to watch him smell and sometimes taste them each day until he decided he didn’t need them anymore!  He is now keen to go out, just like he used to be. I really can’t thank you enough.

Becci Godfrey, HorseSense UK

“I asked Dawn for help with our two ponies as one had experienced two bereavements in the year and the other had just joined us and I felt it would help her settle. I was really impressed with the depth and accuracy of the information Dawn gave to us after the initial assessments, after which we started a two week course of treatment.

You could see immediately the treatments were having an impact. Squirrel started to find her voice a bit more, and Dainty seemed to let a lot go. After a further two weeks with a couple of different remedies, Squirrel is no longer depressed and Dainty is much calmer and confident – something I know we couldn’t have done without Dawn.

I recommend her and her work very highly indeed.”

SR, Crowborough

I have a rescue dog, Jake,. He is about 5 years old. I adopted him a few months ago and his history is
unknown. He was very stressed and anxious and didn’t like being left alone for long. When anyone comes to the house, he retreats behind chairs and won’t interact. I consulted Dawn and she came to assess Jake. She immediately put me at my ease and just sat on the floor and we quietly spoke as she took his history and we completed an assessment form. Slowly Jake came out and sat near her, which he has not done before.

I found Dawn to be knowledgeable about what was happening with Jake and she understood the problem and was reassuring.

She showed me how to offer the oils and it was amazing to see how he wanted to take them. One, he would inhale deeply and another would take internally. After 3 weeks he stopped using them. I have been amazed at the change in him. He is less stressed and when people come to the house he comes out and greets them.

He is slowly becoming a loving and more confident dog and I am so glad that I had this done.

I can’t recommend this process and Dawn highly enough.